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CelebrateThank you for your business!You should be receiving an order confirmation from Paypal shortly.Exit Shopping Cart builds wash bays for trucks, buses, cars, heavy machinery, workshops and mines.

Innovative technology recycling water - low costs, low maintenance, no sewer connection.     Made In Australia

Photo Gallery.

Namoi Cotton Bioreactor Goondawindi QLD Namoi Cotton Bioreactor Goondawindi QLD Blue Hydro Bioreactor Bioreactor in transit 125040176 Namoi Cotton Namoi Cotton 125040177 Cotton Warehouse Approaching Namoi 125040178 The road into Namoi a beautiful drive in 125040179 Green Country Fresh Water fresh water supporting wildlife 125040180 The Serpentine NO waste runs into this waterway 125040181 Final touches for the washdown slab Slab approach finishing touches 125040182 Bioreactor small footprint 125040183 Control System another small footprint 125040184 Namoi Slab and Bioreactor washbay completed 125040185 Time to leave the system is easy for owner operators to maintain 125040186 Day's End Namoi rests on the knowledge that they are saving water and protecting their land and waterways 125040187