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Specialising in wash bay design, our company builds

and installs wash bays to treat and recycle waste water. 

We have built wash bays in Australia and PNG.

Our bioreactor treatment systems work forever.

We have wash bay systems for mines, heavy equipment,

 trucks, the transport industry and workshops. 

A selection of our numerous installations and wash bays throughout Australia and Overseas

WA NO 1 HIPPO THL Perth WA NO 1 HIPPO THL Perth This is worth protecting! 107348497 Factory Dispatch, Brendale, Brisbane Transport from Brisbane to WA 107348501 Truck Loaded 5 pallets 107348499 Tourism Holdings, Perth Reception 107348508 Hire Vehicles of Tourism Holdings, Perth Maui, Britz & Backpacker 107348498 Washbay Vehicles washed by hand with recycled water 107348500 Stage 1 & Stage 2 Easy to place with fork lift and light enough for ease of movement on the ground 107425327 Silt Bin & Pre-Treatment Silo Ready to unpack 107425322 Placement of System 107425326 Fork Life & Placement Takes around 2 hours to position everything correctly 107425328 Installation Takes 2 days with 2 people and working closely with operators to effect an efficient changeover. Usually an electrician is required to supply the right power. 107425323 Washbay Operators BLUE hydro trains operators to manage the HIPPO system with a very simple maintainence program 107425325 BLue Hydro HIPPO installed System View 107348503 Silt Bin Designed for easy disposal using a fork lift 107348509 Silt Bin, Pre-Treatment Silo & Stage 1 Recyled back to the pit 107348507 Side View of Treatment Equipment Storage tanks sourced locally 107348502 Stage 1 Setup DAF Unit 107348505 Stage 2 Setup Disinfection with Ozone 107348506 System Set Up Designed to take a small footprint and able to be located outside a shed 107348504 Original Installation of DAF Technology 2010 old systems can easily be upgraded to a almost nil maintenance system 203155935 Upgrade to a Bioreactor late 2016 Ask why THL chose to upgrade to the biorector 203155963 Bird's Eye View Hire vehicles clean and ready to go 107348510 Keeping Australia Beautiful NO waste water here! 107348511 203932484 203932485





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